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How to import guests to your guestlist.
How to import guests to your guestlist.
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Want to invite guests to your event? Use our guestlist feature for free. This feature lets you invite guests and send them one or multiple tickets with a customized email.

Imports are done by uploading either a CSV or TXT file (in csv format) of your guests. You can do this by exporting with Microsoft Excel or making a list in Google Sheets.

These are the required columns in this order:

  • email Email address you want to invite

  • first_name Required first name

  • last_name Optional last name

  • qty Optional amount of tickets.

Example CSV import file

Download an example file here in TXT format or in CSV format or use the below format to structure your document.

[email protected],John,Doe,1
[email protected],Jane,Doe,2

Steps to import guests

  • Be sure to login, and have a event ready set up.

  • Go to your event account, and select the event you want to invite a guest to.

  • Go to guest list and choose either to Invite guest or import guests. In this case click on import guests.

  • This will show you the overview of pending and completed imports. Click Import Guests to start a import.

  • After clicking import guests you will be prompted a pop-up. Name your import something you will remember, Assign the proper ticket and add your file to the import.

  • Click next to import your guests, this will only import them pending aproval. No invites will be send at this stage.

  • Now click on the import you just created to open the list of pending guests, check verify and click "Approve and start import" to start sending the invites to your guests.

  • A summary will be shown listing the amount of guests you are inviting, for what event and with which ticket. Press approve and you are DONE!


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