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How to Customize Guest Invite Emails 📨
How to Customize Guest Invite Emails 📨
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We understand the importance of personal touch when inviting guests to your events. Whether it's sending a personal invite to a friend or uploading an entire guestlist, your invites should reflect your event's essence and make every attendee feel special.

This guide will walk you through the easy steps to make these customizations. Let’s dive in!

Customizing Organisation-Level Invite Emails

Wish to maintain uniformity across your invites for all events? Here's how you can set a standard invite email for your organisation:

Accessing the Portal:

  • Ensure you’re logged in.

  • Head to the ‘Organisation settings’ found on the left navigation pane.

Tweaking Your Template:

  • Click on ‘Communication’ from the top menu.

  • Navigate to 'Guestlist invite e-mail'.

  • Customize the subject and content to your liking. You can view how it looks with the preview provided below.

Insert Dynamic Values:

  • Make your invite more personal by adding dynamic values. Use replacement codes like {{first_name}}, {{last_name}}, {{full_name}}, {{event_name}}, and {{organisation}}.

Wrap it Up:

  • Hit ‘Save template’. Voilà, your organisation-level invite is ready!

Customizing Event-Specific Invite Emails

Want each event to have its unique flavor in the invites? Here’s how:

Navigating to Your Event:

  • Make sure you’re logged in.

  • Go to 'Events' on the left navigation and select the event you wish to modify.

Accessing Communication Settings:

  • Tap on the 'Settings' panel on top.

  • Click on 'Communication' in this menu. Here, you can choose between organisation-level or event-level templates. Opt for 'Event communication editor'.

Crafting Your Invite:

  • Just as before, customize the subject and content. The preview will help you gauge the final look.

Incorporate Dynamic Values:

  • Make your message resonate by inserting dynamic values using codes like {{first_name}}, {{last_name}}, {{full_name}}, {{event_name}}, and {{organisation}}.

Final Touch:

  • Click ‘Save template’. Your event-specific invite is set!

Crafting a memorable first impression was never this easy. With Tiqqo’s customizable invite emails, ensure every guest feels the anticipation and excitement for your event right from the start.

Happy Inviting!

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