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How to Manage My Guestlist for My Event in Tiqqo
How to Manage My Guestlist for My Event in Tiqqo
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Every event has special guests, people you want to send a ticket to for free in order to invite them for your event. We made this super easy.

Invite guests

You can easily invite guests to your event by inviting them one by one through your event. Per guest, you can select what ticket they should receive, their name and email address. Guests will receive an invite directly in their mailbox. This message can also be customized. Read here how to customize invite emails

Import guest invites.

Have a bigger list you want to invite. Collect them in an excel sheet and import them easily into your event.

Beste Practices

Here are some tips to optimal use of guestlists.

  • You can create tickets that are special for guestlists. These tickets you won't enable for sales but do have their own name and ticket type. This way you can more easily track the amount of tickets you've send out and you can also have a special entrance and scanner that only allows these kinds of tickets to be scanned.

  • Collect your guests in an excel list prior to the event, this way you can more easily invite all your guests at once.

  • You can use a service like Google Forms, or a other form service to RSVP your guests prior to inviting them.

  • Customize the invite emails for a better guest experience. Read here how to customize invite emails

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