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How to create a ticket with a custom design
How to create a ticket with a custom design
Updated over a week ago

To add some branding to your tickets, it is possible to upload your own design to your tickets. Upon downloading the PDF version of the ticket will contain this image.

In order to help you out we created a basic PSD photoshop template you can use for this.

Tickets are custommizable on a ticket by ticket basis.

Meaning if you have 3 different tickets (Early bird, Regular and VIP tickets for example) You will have to change all three of them.

This does give you the ability to add extra information or instructions on your tickets for your vips or guestlist tickets.

Upload your ticket design

  • Go to your event, and navigate to your event tickets.

  • Click on the ticket you want to customize

  • Upload your ticket design in jpg or png format.

  • Click Save to finish your change.

And your all done! 🀞🏻

Some tips

  • Make sure your ticket design is not too big. This will enlarge the downloadable PDF and might cause deliverability issues with your emails.

  • Make the designs clean and simple, Keep in mind some people want to print these tickets out and wont like a big dark image to be printed

  • You could use tools like to make the filesize of your ticket design smaller.

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