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Getting started with Tiqqo for your event
Getting started with Tiqqo for your event

Get started with the basics of Tiqqo

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Step 1: Register an account

Begin by creating your personal account. This can easily be done at:

Step 2: Set up your organization

After registering, the system will prompt you to enter your organization name. This automatically links your account to your organization. Good to know: under one account, you can manage multiple organizations.

Step 3: Create an event

Click on 'event' in the sidebar to create a new event. Here, you can enter important details such as the name, start and end date and time, a general description, the website, and the event's location.

Step 4: Create your tickets

Navigate to 'tickets' in the menu and select 'create ticket'. Here, you can set the ticket name, price, and capacity (maximum number of tickets you want to sell). Note: your ticket is created by default as 'not for sale'. Want to make adjustments or set the ticket for sale? Click on the ticket for more setting options.

Step 5: Activate your event

On your dashboard, you will see a button indicating 'event is offline'. Click on it to make your event online and visible to the public.

Congratulations! πŸ₯³ You are now ready to sell tickets for your event. 🎟️

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