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How to host a multi-day event
How to host a multi-day event
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By default, events are daily events. If you have two separate events on two consecutive days, we suggest creating two individual events.

Default functionality

If you host an event that runs for multiple days, tickets are available for the entire event by default. This means that if you host an event from Friday to Sunday. The ticket owner can arrive at any moment during that period. If you want to be able to sell either day tickets for one event, you need to host a multi-day event.

Creating a multi-day event.

The multi-day event switch will be available when your event takes longer than 24 hours. When selecting this, you can

  • Sell tickets per day

  • Sell tickets for multiple days (specify which dates the ticket is available for)

  • Sell passe-partout tickets for all days.

You get new options under the create ticket functionality when your multi-day event is created. You can now choose what dates the ticket is available for.

Passe-partout: Available for the entire event

Assigned dates: Only available on those days.

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